Halloween cake review

Chocolate Fudge Halloween Cake

Halloween Cake
With Halloween just around the corner, most people are having parties this coming weekend. Yes candy is a great treat – but check out this fun cake with a bit of a treat inside!

Halloween Cake

Duff Goldman products sent me their Halloween Scream cake mix and I thought I’d treat my students to a little treat during their finals week. No, it is not gluten free, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make it for friends and family to enjoy. And, seriously – I wanted to see if it was really that easy to make a cake look the one on the box!

Halloween Cake

Halloween Cake

Halloween Cake

Everything you need to make a two layer cake is in the box, two cake mixes, food coloring and instructions. Just add oil, water and egg. I honestly forgot how easy making cake from a mix. But the layers seemed intimidating – but don’t worry, it’s as simple as following the instructions.

The only problem I had was with me… I apparently have been working with gluten free products too long! They are denser, thicker and a little more rigid. So when working with a light and fluffy cake like the mix provides, I was a little rough and broke one later. And I’m not just talking a crack in the layer, no no – broke like beyond repair. And the icing I wanted to use to wouldn’t soften up for me to do the design I wanted. So, to save my sanity a little I crumbled the broken layer around the cake to give it some color and called it good. It still has the great design inside, is colorful and is being enjoyed by a lot of people.

Halloween Cake

I love how easy it was to make the cake, even with my kitchen failures. The complex design wows everyone, and is extremely easy to do!

I just wish it was gluten free for me to enjoy as well, but you can make it gluten free by using a chocolate cake recipe, and white cake recipe with some food coloring and create the design you want!

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