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Ravi wine chiller review
Ravi Instant Wine Chiller Review
When you’re rushing around preparing your holiday meal, you may forget a thing or two. The ham is perfect, the sides are done – but did you remember to chill the white wine? Not everyone is a fan of red wine, but it should be served at a specific temperature.

Ravi Instant Wine Chiller Review

So what do you do if you forget to chill your white wine? Or worse yet, you get home from a long day of work and would like a properly chilled glass of wine? The quickest way to get your wine the perfect temperature is to use a Ravi Instant Wine Chiller. Staples sent me one, to make sure our wine was the perfect serving temperature for me and our guests for our holiday meals.

Unlike other wine chillers, the Ravi Instant Wine Chiller isn’t something to chill the whole bottle. Instead, you insert it into the neck of the bottle and our your wine directly through it. The wine will be chilled on the way into the glass and come out the perfect temperature to enjoy.

Ravi Instant Wine Chiller Review
Ravi comes in three simple pieces – the outer shell, the plunger to insert in the bottle and the core. Snapped together they work as one to pour your wine. The core can be stored in your freezer between uses without the other pieces, and the outer shell will keep your hands from freezing as you use the Ravi. Assembling the Ravi is pretty easy, however, when you take it apart to clean it getting the pieces apart is a bit harder. You put your finger near the plunger area and push until you here a “pop” and the unit comes apart. This was the hardest part about using the Ravi, and I think the more we use it the easier it will be to come apart. Until then, you can be assured it has a really good seal on the unit!

Ravi Instant Wine Chiller Review

The plunger area of the Ravi slides into the neck of your bottle and the threading makes sure it stays in place. As you pour using the Ravi, you just have to make sure your Ravi is pointed at the top of your glass. At first the wine will move slowly through the Ravi, this is because it’s slowing down and chilling as it goes through. But it’s only chilling what you want to drink right then, so you wont get any change in the rest of the wine until you’re ready for it.

This is the perfect tool to have stashed in your freezer for last minute guests, change in plans or just a cool glass of wine after a long day of work. You will be to find Ravi at Staples in their holiday gift section. It just might be one of the perfect gifts for the host of your holiday parties, or even for yourself!

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