Child Friendly Stops Along Historic Route 66

Kid Friendly Stops Along Route 66

The historic Route 66, offers a potpourri of tourist attractions for the whole family to enjoy. This original road of highway, introduced a convenient mode of travel from the mid-west states, from Chicago, Illinois, all the way to Los Angeles, California.

Starting in Illinois, there are numerous attractions, diners, restaurants, and unique shops that your children are sure to enjoy. However, don’t forget to pack some cool toys for the kids; you can find them at Funtastic Toy.


Route 66 Twin Drive-In Theatre in Springfield, Illinois makes for a perfect family night out, while you’re traveling along historic Route 66. This is one of the few, nostalgic drive in movie theaters left in Illinois, where your family can relax and enjoy a movie together under the stars.

The Rail Splitter on Old Route 66 in Divernon, Illinois, boasts to be the home place of the world’s largest covered wagon. Children and adults should enjoy seeing this amazing wonder, as well as other features the Rail Splitter may have to showcase.


The St. Louis Gateway Arch is probably one of the biggest attractions along Route 66 that the whole family would be thrilled to visit. The Gateway Arch is the country’s largest man- made monument, towering over the city at 630 feet. The Meramec Caverns has the distinction of being the oldest tourist attraction on historic Route 66. Families can wander around the underground caverns, at all the famous history of the region.


Baxter Springs Heritage Center and Museum in Baxter Springs, Kansas would be an interesting stop for the family. You can check out the mural of a Longhorn cattle drive that spreads across the side of the Bilke’s Western Museum.


Oklahoma County 66 features an interesting collection of iconic replicas, including a pond with a blue whale, a Wigwam motel room, and an upside down VW Beetle. Clinton, Oklahoma has the Oklahoma Route 66 Museum, which includes an original diner from Route 66, and an exhibit with, The World’s Largest Curio Cabinet, with unique treasures from along Route 66.


The Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas displays ten Cadillac cars buried half way down in the ground, and all covered with graffiti. The Wonderland Amusement Park in Amarillo, Texas offers fun filled entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

New Mexico

The Bluewater Lake State Park in Prewitt, New Mexico has plenty of water activities to keep the family happy, including sailing, boating, and water craft activities. Tucumcari on Route 66 has plenty of parks, trails, and outdoor activities to keep the entire family busy with the outdoors.


The Petrified Forest National Park in Holbrook, Arizona, next to the Painted Desert, is an amazing historical site for both the young and old to enjoy. The Grand Cavern Canyons will bring exciting, fun filled adventure for the whole family to enjoy. An elevator brings you to the underground trails to view the spectacular cave formations of nature.


Victorville has the California Route 66 Museum offering plenty of memorabilia for everyone to enjoy. The Route 66 “Mother Road Museum” in Barstow, California offers numerous exhibits and car shows for everyone to see.

It’s easy to find several child-friendly stops along historic Route 66, when you travel the famous, Main Street of America.


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