chia zombie review

Chia Pets take on Zombies for Creepy Fun!

chia zombie reviewPretty much anyone can see that Zombies are a big thing right now. They’re everywhere, and we can thank The Walking Dead, Shaun of the Dead, and even Warm Bodies for this craze. They’re creepy, they’re scary but more than anything else – they’re fun! Chia Pet has created a line of their own Zombie Pets that aren’t just for Halloween, but are a great gift for the zombie lover in your life.

chia zombie reviewI’ve had touch and go success with Chia Pets in the past, so when I first started the seeds for the Dragging Drew Chia Pet we were sent to review I was optimistic. The good thing about the Chia Zombie Pets, if they don’t fill in all the way, if it dies – it still looks pretty cool.

I followed the instructions to start the Zombie pet and found that some of the Chia seeds stuck to his intestines and even some got on his arm. If it were another type of Chia Pet, I would have made sure to clean off any section where I didn’t want the sprouts to grow. But since it’s a zombie – you never know how long he’s been laying there in the grass, so random seeds out of place didn’t matter. Thankfully in a couple days the our own Dragging Drew started sprouting and continues to grow a bit creepier every day.

Dragging Drew isn’t the only creepy Zombie Chia Pet out there, you can also get Creepy Holden, Lifeless Lisa and a Restless Arm. Each comes with enough seeds to grow the zombie pet 4 times. Let them grow, live, die and repeat just like Zombies.

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