Chew This Journal Let’s You Create New Memories with Your Furry Friend

Chew this Journal review

There’s no doubt that your dog is your best friend. But how do you document your time together? Besides the photos of those cute moments that melt your heart, is there a better way to document those moments? Your time together, however long or short those years are?

Now, there’s a specific book where you can document and create a specific log of activities you’ve done together. Like many other create your own adventure type books, Chew This Journal is the perfect gift for dog owners or to grab to make memories with your own furry friend.

The pages through the book, gives you plans, ideas and more of things to do with your dog. It goes beyond taking walks together, and allows you document those special moments together. So not only will your dog have fun new memories with you and be happier, but years down the road you can pull the book off the shelf and remember those special days together.

Chew this Journal review

From bucket lists and outings to arts and crafts Chew This Journal will inspire you to spend more time with your pup. Chew This Journal leads you through fun activities, while creatively recording your adventures in the pages of the book. This unique journal doubles as your dog’s memory keeper and activity tracker, making it a one-of-a-kind keepsake that you and your dog complete together.

This journal is sure to inspire you to be more engaged in the time you and your dog have together. Chew This Journal will help you map training goals from practical manners (not pulling on the leash or jumping on strangers) to impressive skills like mastering urban agility and parkour skills. With easy to follow training instructions Chew This Journal helps you create exciting weekly and monthly challenges and record your progress.


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