Chemical Free Cleaning with the Zabada Dust Glove and Dust Marvel – Review & Discount Code

zabada dust glove review
Zabada dust glove and dust marvel review and discount code
Every day we worry about chemicals in our food, but what about in our every day life? Everything we clean with is full of chemicals, and not only is not good for us, but the environment as well. That is why Zabada has made a line of better cleaning products for your home and your health.
Zabada sent me the Dust Glove and Marvel to try out in our home. Since we have mostly wood floors in the house, I refuse to use the spray cleaners. I did at our last house and we were left with floors that were as slick as an ice skating rink. Shortly after we switched to dusting wipes and even a feather duster. While they both worked, I wasn’t sure if I was actually cleaning our surfaces or just pushing stuff around. Besides, the wipes just added to the trash pile as I cleaned the house, plus couldn’t be used on the electronic screens.

Enter the Zabada Dust Glove, just slide it on and you are ready to go. You don’t have to add anything to get started either, just wipe down your surface and the microfibers will crab any of the dust and grime off your surface. It doesn’t give you the shine you would expect from a chemical cleaner so then you bring in the dust marvel. Just spray a little water and wipe down your surface and you will get the shine without the smell and chemicals you usually use. You can see it at work in the video below:



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