Changes are coming…

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend. I know it’s been quiet around here, but I’ve been working hard. You may not notice it yet, but things have been happening behind the scenes, a lot of things, days worth of things. Don’t worry you wont be running away like the poor kitty in the picture, Domo’s not going to get you. But you will notice the changes really soon!
So what’s been happening? I’ve been cleaning up shop! Old, expired posts are going the way side. I’m tweaking a few things as I go too.

What will it mean for you? Well, you wont notice anything right away, but it will mean a faster moving website overall. Less clutter and mess.

There will be a lot of other good things coming your way too :). Stick around, and hopefully I will be done with these updates soon! I will try to not be as quiet as I have been the past few days as well.


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