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It’s been a couple months of moving and shaking on this page! I’m very excited to announce some of the changes coming to the website soon!
First – since you are already on the blog reading this: Look down! Look at the new fancy tool bar. Say it with me “ooo aaaaaaah!” What is the best feature of this tool bar? A chat feature!  How neat is that? So if you’re searching the blog and have a couponing question – and see me or another user on – feel free to send us a message! And while you chat on there, notice your facebook chat messages are still there in pop ups. It’s kind of fantastic really :).
But what is coming soon? I’m going to be offering some great new features for the fans – some are free, some are local and some might have a small fee. So what’s to come?

Coupon Trains! OK I heard you all saying “what the heck is a coupon train?” I know you’re new to couponing so I wont take your yelling personally ;). A coupon train is something you sign up for – I will select groups by the people who sign up, and create a small chain of people. A packet of coupons will leave my location up here in Detroit and move from location to location. Say I send it to Person A in Georgia and they pass it onto Person B in California, who then sends it onto Person C in New York. Each person is welcome to as many coupons in that package as they want, but they have to replace the amount of coupons they take. So if Person A takes 20 coupons out of the packet they have to replace them with 20 other coupons. This way each person gets a fair shot at different coupons from different regions. Why do this? It’s a way to get different value coupons from different regions – and for some that you never get in your area!  This will be one of the changes that should be up and running within the week!

Classes! Now these will be done in person locally, as well as online! These are in the works and might take a couple weeks before we can get these going. But what kind of classes are we talking? I have had a request for an HTML class from fellow bloggers – that will be coming soon too, BUT we will be doing basic couponing classes, intermediate couponing classes etc.  I will update as that comes about!

Trivia! – That’s not new!? We love the trivia on the facebook page – but we’re going to start changing how it works. It might be an interactive page on here 🙂 it will be coming soon (no time line on this one!)

And as always – More giveaways! You love them, I like to have them :). There are a few in the works and some more sponsored ones!

Is there anything you’d like to see on the page? I’m open to improve the site and keep it growing as we go :-D.

Happy Shopping and look for updates being posted soon!


  1. SURE! By Local I mean metro Detroit and maybe even Lansing, MI area. Meet face to face for classes as well 🙂

  2. Enjoying your new blog!! Loving your giveaways!! Thanks for the chance to win! & thanks for your hard work!!


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