Change Your Shoe Game with Hickies

hickies laces review

hickies laces reviewWhile shoe styles have changed over the decades, the basics have stayed the same. That includes how we lace them, and people tripping over untied shoes. Tying our shoes is one of the first coordination tasks kids learn, and something we all continue to do throughout our lives – unless you’re like me who just leaves them tied and slips my shoes on as I go out the door.

That is, nothing changed for shoe laces until Hickies came on the market. An upgrade for your shoes and an elastic closure system that makes getting your shoes on easier, makes sure they hold their shape and reduces the possibility that you’ll trip over an untied lace (other trips they can’t protect you against). Each set of Hickies comes with enough of their elastic laces to completely replace your traditional shoe laces for a pair of shoes and they come in a variety of colors. You can always put them on to look like traditional laces, or you can do a cross pattern if you prefer. Hickies actually provides a variety of different options for using their products. But putting them on is easy and something that you can do in just a couple of minutes.

What we love about Hickies? They are stylish and keeps your shoes secure on your feet. You can walk or run with the confidence that your shoes will stay put and the laces will not come undone. They are great for kids who haven’t quite learned how to tie their shoes yet. They’re easy to use and makes more shoe styles accessible to people with disabilities making them easier to use. They’re a small and ingenious product that would be great for anyone who loves their sneakers or running shoes.

Find a variety of Hickies Lacing Systems for every type activity and part of your life.


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