Change Your Holiday Games up with the White Elephant Game

White Elephant Game Review

Every year at the holidays your calendar fills up with parties with all your friends and family. Besides finger food, cookies and maybe a holiday cocktail or two, you know that the party is going to include a gift exchange or two.

Over the years, our family transitioned from individual gifts to playing the White Elephant game – where you never know what you’re going to get. We all draw hand written numbers and trade or steal gifts as we go. Knowing the popularity of the game, Solid Roots has come up with a board game version that makes it easier to play each year and it has different ways you can play and shake up the game each and every year.

Not only does the White Elephant Game come with Stolen Stickers you can use on your gifts during game play, but a game board with trees to put your player number ornaments on them. The reusable ornaments make it easier to play each year and a fun way for you to change the game. And if you’re used to playing the old traditional way, it may be fun to change your party up each year until you find the best one for that party and group of people.

White Elephant Game Review

If you’re looking for a new way to play the White Elephant Game or to play games with your family, be sure to grab your copy of the game before your next holiday party. Your family will be laughing the whole night as you play the games together and you will be making new memories as you do it.

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