Change Up Your Diffuser with An Incredible Sugar Skull

Halloween Forevermore Sugar Skull Oil Diffuser

Halloween Forevermore Sugar Skull Oil Diffuser

If you’re like us, you keep up your Halloween decorations year round. The reality is, the holiday gets lost between the rush of back to school and the Christmas season. But in our house, a Halloween wall decal and other decorations stay on the shelves year round. So when Halloween Forevermore reached out about their new products we knew we had to add them to our collection of decor, and make good use of the products.

Halloween Forevermore Sugar Skull Oil DiffuserThe Sugar Skull diffuser is the perfect addition for your Halloween decor, Day of the Dead or just your skull collection. But instead of just something pretty to put on your shelf, it is a fully functional diffuser and lights up as it releases your oils into the air. The diffuser has multiple light settings for great ambiance and has a 60, 90, or 120 minute continuous operation that uses ultrasonic vibrations that won’t compromise essential oil integrity. 

Halloween Forevermore Sugar Skull Oil DiffuserSetting up the diffuser was easy, it’s as simple as add the plug to the device, add water and up to 20 drops of oil into the reservoir. Simply choose the duration on the side when you turn it on, place the skull over the reservoir and let it go to work. Almost instantly you’ll see the steam coming from the top and enjoy the beautiful oils you put inside.

Halloween Forevermore Sugar Skull Oil DiffuserIf the sugar skull design doesn’t get you in the mood for Halloween, surely the Halloween Forevermore oils for the season will. Their Harvest oil pack includes Autumn Treat, Spiced Chai and The Witching Hour – all are warm smells that will fill your home with scents that will make you want to watch the leaves fall. All of the oils are 100% Natural Pure Essential Oils. No fillers, No Additives, or carriers added.

Halloween Forevermore Sugar Skull Oil DiffuserWe love the look of the Sugar Skull diffuser and have a feeling it will be joining our other fall decorations year round. The hand crafted skull is a piece of art work even if it’s not being used. From flowers and scrolls painted to the toothy smile, we love the design and functionality of the diffuser. Looking for a bit more of a creepy look for the Halloween season? Be sure to check out Halloween Forevermore’s selection of skull diffusers and other creepy decorations.

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