Change Up Your Bedroom Style with a CrownGoose Duvet Set

crown goose duvet review

crown goose duvet review

Our bedroom is always changing, always being updated and I like to change up the bedding quite often. But since we have a king sized bed, we don’t want to invest in a ton of different comforters, or dedicated the amount of storage space they would require. So instead, I’ve been collecting different duvets so we can switch up the style whenever we want.

crown goose duvet reviewWe were sent a CrownGoose Duvet for our bedroom, the style is similar to what you’d see in a hotel but definitely updates the style of our room and is perfect when we have guests over. The only draw back is the dark color will pick up any pet hair if they like to lounge on your bed like ours do. But right out of the bag, the duvet set is ready to go and fits easily over your bed spread or favorite blanket.

crown goose duvet reviewThe CrownGoose Duvet is 100% cotton and it’s easy to toss in the washer between use and folds small for storage. here are total of 16 tie strings inside the duvet cover that can be tied to the loops on your duvet, minimizing any shift so you can sleep sideways, upside down, hanging over the side without the duvet moving or lumping to one side. Putting the duvet cover on is easy, you just slide it over the existing comforter and button the duvet cover closed over top. There aren’t any sharp zippers to fight with and your blanket will stay firmly in place. The cover is 100% pure cotton making the sheets extremely breathable, feeling luxuriously smooth and light on your skin during the warmer months but retaining your body heat during the colder months. They’re durable and don’t pill or produce much lint, making for the perfect companions for a great night of sleep.

Easy to wash, easy to use and a great way to change your style when you’re trying to find something new for the holidays or when you want a change of pace.

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