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Change the Look of your Space with Canvas Discount!

canvas discount reviewAs we continue to decorate our home, we’re making a conscious effort to make sure what goes on our walls in unique to us and our style. The items on our shelves and walls either relate to our style, our travels or are items we’ve actually taken on our travels. When Canvas Discount offered us a canvas for our walls, we took the opportunity to choose a picture from our recent trips.

canvas discount reviewRight before Thanksgiving we took a trip to Canyon Ranch in Arizona for some time to recharge and relax before the craziness of the holiday season kicked in. Part of our trip included a nature hike through the mountains, and we were able to take some awesome shots of nature we don’t usually get in the Midwest. I took the opportunity to highlight one of my shots on canvas on the review Canvas Discount sent me.

canvas discount reviewOur 16 x 20 canvas wrap print arrived and the first thing I noticed was the canvas print was a lot lighter than other ones I have gotten in the past. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it doesn’t require as much to hold the print up on the wall. The back of the canvas was stretched over the wooden frame The back of the image still had bits of the order tag stapled in and some of the stapling wasn’t as neat as I had expected – but again, this was all on the back side that wont be visible on the wall. I would have liked to have seen a toothed hook to hang up the print on the back as well, to make hanging on the wall easier.

canvas discount reviewDespite the small issues I noticed on the back of the canvas didn’t change the result of the print – it came out beautifully. Ordering the canvas was easy to do, and we’re now able to display a beautiful reminder of our trip and the beauty we experienced while traveling.

All of the canvases from Canvas Discount are high-quality, hand-stretched canvas prints, come in different sizes and shapes and ready to go on your wall. They are printed with fade-resistant ink guaranteed for up to 75 years and made in the USA. The prices on Canvas Discount are low enough, especially with their great deals they’re having. Right now you can get a 16″ x 20″ canvas for only $9.99! Use code 4MYVALENTINE to order your sweetie their own print! Visit the special Canvas Discount Website until 2/28 to take advantage of this offer!

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