Change How You Party with a Wine Nook

Wine Nook Review

Parties with your friends are about to get an upgrade. If you’re a fan of boxed wine, let’s face it – it’s gotten so much better over the years – you’re going to want to grab a Wine Nook, or three for your counters. Ditch those ugly boxes that are holding your wine and add a cute addition to your party with these sturdy boxes that are easy to use and even better can be used inside or on the patio at your next party.

Wine Nook Review

The Wine Nook comes in many sizes but we were sent the Little Wine Nook that holds 3 liters of wine inside it’s wooden casing. It’s a simple design and one that makes a lot of sense. With a sturdy handle to carry it from one area to another, a chalk board label on the front (and chalk included) so you can mark what is inside and a shelf to hold the bag wine inside – it’s easy to use without instructions needed. The cut out on the front makes it easy to use the dispenser on the bagged wine and a little notch at the bottom means less mess on your nook after dispensing.

Wine Nook Review

We love a reuse-able item that is perfect for when we have guests over. But since the Wine Nook is made of wood, we wondered what Wine Nook does to offset the wood they use. They actually have partnered with who will plant a tree for every Nook you purchase! That means, not only will you have a stylish place to put your wine when you are having a party (or really… just a week night) but you also get to help the environment at the same time.

Looking for a great gift for someone who just loves to entertain? The Wine Nook may be a great gift option for them.


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