Chalkboard Pumpkins DIY

Chalkboard Pumpkins DIY

Chalkboard Pumpkins DIYI love Halloween, as soon as the weather starts to cool down it’s where my mind goes. And what’s better than Halloween? A super simple DIY for great reusable decorations you can use throughout the whole season.

You’ve got to admit, there’s a huge crazy for chalkboards right now. And with the use of chalkboard markers like the new fall colors by CraftyCroc (Available today online – we have a giveaway ending 9/14 too!) you can basically create your own designs and write on anything! But with a little paint, you can make virtually any surface into a chalk board now – and make these super easy Chalkboard Pumpkins. Change the message to go with Halloween, Thanksgiving or just have a general fall message. They’re super cute, lightweight and fun for the kids to decorate without the use of knives!

Chalkboard Pumpkins DIYWhat you need:

Step 1:

Paint your pumpkins with chalkboard paint. Each pumpkin will need at least 2 coats, allowing around 30 minutes between each to dry. Allow to dry over night for the best surface to work on.

Step 2: 

Decorate! Get your artist on, and make the pumpkins your own. If you don’t like your design, you can simply remove it with a magic eraser or a wet cloth.

Not a fan of the traditional Halloween black and orange? Don’t worry – you can paint your pumpkins any color you want first – and then do the clear over top. You could also just pick up traditional plastic pumpkins. Your kids could decorate the same pumpkins over and over again each year without using anything sharp, or without the fear of rotting gourds later.



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