Certifications You Might Have Not Thought About: Boost Your CV

certification to boost your cv

If there’s anyone who can and should help you, it’s yourself. You yourself know best what would come in handy in your life, and you can make your own judgements when it comes to what kind of things you think will actually turn out to be somewhat beneficial to you later down the line. Of course, this does not mean that you should not ever listen to anyone else, but at the end of the day you are the one who will have to make the ultimate decision deciding whether a certain certification is worth having, or course is worth taking. However, sometimes it is hard to make these kinds of decisions if we do not know what kind of courses there are out there in the first place. With the modern society more or less living half and half online and in the real world, with the internet being at the very forefront of professional development, you’re certainly not lacking for options nowadays even if you don’t feel like leaving the house. So, without any further ado, let’s look at a few different courses which you might have not known about, which you could do sometime soon in your life to pick up some qualifications.

Certified Adobe Associate

It seems that just about everybody and their dog wants to be a graphic designer nowadays, this includes both kids who think it’s a cool job, and adults who think it’s a cool job and know that it pays pretty well. We all have our reasons after all, but the truth is that not everyone makes it into the big leagues as a graphic designer, much like in any profession, so you need to give yourself all the advantages you possibly can if you want to outshine your competition and actually get into the field. Of course, the very essence of your application for any kind of job or project that a client puts up should be your portfolio. After all, they are here to judge you on your abilities and your style. Despite that, people are rather simple beings and if something on paper also says that you can do it, rather than just seeing the finished product, then it’s sure to make people a bit more trusting. Getting an Adobe Certified Associate title is one of the qualifications which takes considerably less time to accomplish and gain, spanning as little as a week-long course per-program. Now, there is a lot to take in if you wish to do it for just about every single program in the Adobe suite, so just stick to the ones that you know will be useful to you. As a graphic designer, the most common choices that people stick with are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. With this trio of certifications on your resume, you’re bound to have a leg up over your competition, and could possibly land you the job over someone else. The courses are not the simplest thing around, but if you know your way around the given Adobe program, then you shouldn’t have a problem scoring high marks on the exam.

certification to boost your cv

Learners Permit

If you don’t have the privilege of living in a place where everything you need is close by, then the chances are that being able to drive is something which would come in incredibly useful for you. Once again, if you live somewhere rather central and both school and work is somewhere within walking or public transport distance, then there might be better things to invest your time into. However, if getting to work or school even at a young age is proving to be somewhat of a struggle, then you might want to look into online training for your learners permit. It’s just the thing you need to get started on getting your driver’s license, and generally considered the beginning of the driver’s education process for people within the age of 15-18.

certification to boost your cv

Substitute teacher license

It’s safe to say that just about everyone is familiar with absent teachers and general lack of organization when it comes to finding substitute teachers in schools. Perhaps things have gotten better by now, but if you’re like most people who went to school during the early 2000s, then you probably remember the number of times you got a substitute teacher for some of your classes. Things probably have not changed very much in recent times, so a substitute teacher is always a position which is usually open in one school or another. In some states it’s easier than in others to get such a qualifications, but in the best case scenario, all you need is 60 college credits and being able to pass a background test. Sounds simple enough right?

certification to boost your cv

TEFL: Teaching English As A Foreign Language

It’s no secret that English is basically the go-to language for international affairs all over the world. People from Poland want to learn English as much as people in China, and if you are looking to get into a field which is most probably not going to run dry anytime soon, then teaching English might just be the thing for you. Even if it’s not something you are planning on doing, it’s most definitely something worth considering getting as it’s something nice to fall back on in case your field of choice quietens down somewhat. Considering you most probably already have pretty good English skills as you are reading this article and various others online, then English fluency is probably not a problem for you. You can get this certification with relative ease, and you can start finding classes for it with something as simple as a Google search. This is a field with always needed people, and this kind of certification will last you a lifetime, it’s the perfect thing to look into if you want to have potential jobs in schools all over the world. Having a college degree is usually required, so do some research before to see which course suits you best.

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