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Celebrating International Pineapple Day with Bahama Breeze #Pineapple @Bahamabreeze

Bahama Breeze Troy Michigan
April 2nd is International Pineapple Day and Bahama Breeze invited me to try some of their new drinks and appetizers as part of their celebration. All you have to say is pineapple and I’m there – who doesn’t love a little taste of the Caribbean?

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It wasn’t that long ago that we were on our cruise in the Caribbean, but coming back to the cold winter was hard and makes you think that that trip a couple months ago was all a dream. But walking up to Bahama Breeze you are instantly are hit with a feeling that you are walking back into the hot island sun. The building is designed like a traditional sugar cane factory, but inside the dining spaces almost feel like you’re inside a cabana. The bright colors and calypso style music bring you right into the tropical feeling – and we haven’t even gotten to the food yet!

Bahama Breeze offers everything tropical food wise. Not just pineapple, but freshly squeeze sugar cane in their drinks and plantains in several of their dishes. You can find some of your island favorites including jerk chicken and dishes with coconut and island rice. Ready for a new experience? Just ask your server to bring their favorite and you might be surprised! Their appetizer menu includes traditional menu options like sliders and chicken wings, but you can find fried plantains, empanadas and seafood options.

But what about gluten free options? Many of their dishes use seasonings that are not gluten free, but their servers and staff are extremely knowledgeable about what’s in their meals All of their meats including beef, chicken and sea food are all gluten free and meals can be made gluten free upon request. I tried the classic cheeseburger sliders, and had them made gluten free. Not only were they delicious, the price point was perfect – all of our appetizers and drinks were affordable and well within our budget for a night out.

I loved the atmosphere at Bahama Breeze, and even the gluten free food options were awesome. It’s a nice retreat and a great place to get the tastes and feel of the Caribbean, a lot closer to home.

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  1. I love Bahama Breeze! Their happy hour is the best in Troy – 1/2 off apps and $4 tropical drinks. And I love that they made the cheeseburger sliders with lettuce for you – great idea.

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