Celebrate Your Special Day with Real Bacon Jerky!

chefs cut bacon bouquet review

chefs cut bacon bouquet reviewWho says flowers are the perfect gift? You’ll be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t love bacon – so why not surprise them with a bacon bouquet? No, I’m not talking about bacon baked into the shape of a rose, but instead a bouquet of delicious bacon jerky. This year you can surprise your Dad, Grad, or other bacon lover with a bacon jerky bouquet from Chef’s Cut.

We were sent a Chef’s Cut Bacon Jerky Bouquet packed with 6 bags of real bacon jerky. The uncured jerky comes in three different flavors: sriracha, maple wood and apple wood. All three flavors are gluten free, so it’s free for me to steal some jerky whenever someone isn’t looking. And your bacon will come arranged on a wooden stand that holds all of your jerky proudly for display.

Besides being delicious, it’s a gift any guy would love to have. Packed with flavor and protein, the jerky is perfect for snacks, parties, camping or packing in your lunch. It’s a gift pack that anyone is going to love, the only question is – what do you do with the base once all of your jerky is gone? It could be a great photo display or you could get creative!

Chef’s Cut actually sold out of their Bacon Bouquets but you can still find delicious jerky options that your friends and family are going to love! Follow Chef’s Cut online on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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