Celebrate Women’s Equality Day with a DIY Centerpiece & Preview! #Suffragette

women's equality day center piece

women's equality day center pieceOn August 26th in 1920, Women won the right to vote. The Suffragette movement made history and on October 23rd, Focus Features is bringing an non-sugar coated movie to the screen showing the struggles it took for the Suffragette movement which ultimately resulted in the right to vote for women.

During the Suffragette movement three colors were used to symbolize the movement: purple for dignity and ability, green for hope, and white for purity. To show your support for women’s rights, you should embrace the colors of the Suffragette movement and wear those colors with pride today.

Using the colors of the Suffragette movement, I created an easy to do (and pretty cute looking) DIY center piece. You can throw a few of these together and host a Suffragette or Women’s Equality Day get together with your friends. They’re also cute enough, you could use them for a lot of other events as well.

women's equality day center pieceAll you need to make the center pieces is:

  • 1 Purple Ball Jar 
  • 1/2 inch Green ribbon
  • 1/2 inch white Lace Ribbon
  • 1 White silk flower
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scotch Tape
  • Scissors
  • Wild Flowers/Fresh Flowers from your Garden

women's equality day center pieceStep 1: 

Remove the lid from the Ball Jar, and directly above the Ball logo place a dot of hot glue on the neck of the jar. Place one end of your green ribbon in the dot, and wrap the ribbon tightly around the neck of the jar. Secure with another another dot of hot glue. Repeat with the lace band below it.

Step 2: 

Place another dot of hot glue over seams and place the silk flower over top. Allow to set complete.

Step 3: 

Fill with water and your favorite flowers! They’re simple, elegant and help make a statement.

suffragette movie posterWomen’s rights have gone a long way since since we won the right to vote in 1920. The full story of the battle for equality is one that should not be missed, and the preview gives you just a taste of what it took for the Suffragettes to win their rights. It’s not the only battle for equality, but is an important one in history and I’m looking forward to watching the movie when it comes out in October. You can check out a preview of the movie below, and help spread your support for Women’s Equality Day and women’s rights by wearing Purple, Green and White today.



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