Celebrate Those Important Moments with The Anniversary Clock

Anniversary Clock Review

We all have those special moments in life that we want to focus on, and to remember. It might be the day you got married, started dating or even the day you started your business. It’s easy to get a gift with a date printed on it, but what about one that highlights the passing of time and the growth of that moment?

This year, we have the perfect gift for anyone celebrating a special day on your list – The Anniversary Clock, a customizable gift that not only has the date of importance on a plaque but also has a functional clock that shows how many years have passed since the important moment.

Anniversary Clock Review

Our clock comes with a beautiful plaque showing the date when we started this site, and setting up the clock was relatively easy. It runs on four AA batteries that can be replaced easily and the hands automatically go in position once you set the current date and the one of anniversary. It even accepts a micro-SD card where you can put your personal song or a song to celebrate that special moment by playing the song when it’s your anniversary, or whenever you push the button for it to play.

Custom made and so personal, the Anniversary Clock is a great gift to remember those special moments in your life – and can be used for a multitude of occasions. It’ll be a talking point and the center of your display, and will always remind you how long it’s been since you started your first steps on your current journey.

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