Precious Snowments Advent Calendar Review

Celebrate The Holidays with a Special Snowments Advent Calendar

Long gone are the days when the only advent calendar you had for the holidays were the dollar store ones filled with cheap chocolate. Over the last few years we’ve seen a surge of wooden and reusable advent calendars that you can fill with your own treats every day of the month on your way up to Christmas.

Precious Snowments Advent Calendar Review

This year, Precious Moments has come out with a beautiful and fun advent calendar – their Precious Snowments. The wooden calendar is painted with wooden doors on each side that come with members of an adorable snowman family, little display presents and even felt Christmas tree that you can decorate with the felt ornaments that are in the doors as well.

Coming in about around four pounds, the Snowments Advent calendar is the perfect size to put on a shelf, and each of the little doors has a surprise behind it. Each side of the box has 6 different days in order, so your kids can easily find them as they count their way down towards Christmas. While it comes to with a guide showing where the characters and items go, you can rearrange them as you want.

Precious Snowments Advent Calendar Review

We love how adorable this advent calendar is, and the adorable snowmen inside. It’s fun to find the items inside and to rearrange them as you make your own family tradition. The compartments that the items are in you can even add in a little chocolate or treat and create your own traditions with the set. It’s a great addition to your holiday decor and a great way to make new memories.

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