Celebrate Thanksgiving with Chuck E Cheese’s and Free Bird & a Giveaway!

Chuck E Cheese Giveaway!

Chuck E Cheese'sThe last time I was at Chuck E. Cheese’s I was a kid. I remember it being loud, and dark – my mother says it’s a throwback memory to visiting Show Biz Pizza (that changed to Chuck E Cheese when I was a kid). But when we first went in I was shocked at how bright and (relatively) quiet it was inside.

As we came in, they stamped our party with a black light stamp number for our party. We could only leave together, and no one could leave with Goonie except us. And added security feature for your kids that we appreciated from the get go!

When I was small and went to Chuck E. Cheese’s my favorite game was ski ball. But I was a lot shorter than I am now. Even the area for the “bigger” kids proved to be a little too short for me! After all, Chuck E. Cheese’s is for kids, not always the grown up version! This however did not stop Goonie from having a great time and playing all of the games that were down at his height.

Free Birds Hat

Why did Chuck E. Cheese’s send us to dinner last week? And what was the second part of the surprise? Chuck E. Cheese’s has paired up with Free Birds the movie, and wanted to send us to the movie after we had a great dinner. You can even see Goonie in his Turkey hat (that’s the clearest shot we could get!)

I know what you’re thinking, dinner at Chuck E. Cheese’s is great for kids, but not always for adults – and what about those of us with food allergies? With the gift card Chuck E. Cheese’s gave us we were able to get a large pizza for the family, and I ordered a gluten free pizza! Yes! A gluten free pizza at Chuck E. Cheese’s! The gluten free pizza is baked in a bag, and brought out to you sealed. It even comes with it’s own pizza cutter, so you don’t have to worry about it being cross contaminated at all. It’s not gourmet, but it was nice to be able to get more than a salad while every one else is getting pizza!

After dinner we played until our tokens were gone. We had a lot of fun and even earned a lot of tickets that could be redeemed. We had to sit on the ground to feed the ticket counter (and hear it crunch) but after it was said and done we had over 400 tickets for Goonie to redeem and get goodies from the shop. Something that has updated since I was little was you can actually buy extra tickets if you wanted to upgrade to the next point level – no sad and disappointed kids going home without the prize they really wanted because they were a few tickets short!

Chuck E Cheese's
But the night wasn’t over! We were then off to the movies to check out Owen Wilson, Amy Pohler and Woody Harrelson. It’s actually one of the few Thanksgiving movies out there! What would happen if Turkey’s could go back in time and change their fate – make sure they’re no longer on the table for Thanksgiving dinner? Would they be able to pull it off? Who is the Great Turkey? Free Birds is now in theaters and you have to see it find out the answers to these questions!

We had a great time at Chuck E. Cheese’s and watching Free Birds, you can see more pictures below:

Free Birds

Are you excited about Thanksgiving? One lucky reader will win a Chuck E Cheese’s Prize pack including a gift card for a free pizza, 4 sodas and 30 tokens plus some fun Free Bird Bracelets!

Free Birds in now playing in a theater near you – find it at a theater near you! You can also find Free Birds on Facebook and Twitter!

How can you win?
Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me what your favorite Thanksgiving Tradition is! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked with the button below!Find Chuck E Cheese’s Online: 



  1. No big traditions other than enjoying turkey dinner and pumpkin pie. But we do have family game night and draw for secret santa gifts for Christmas

  2. We always go to Grandma’s the day before to do all the cooking together! It is so fun having everyone help get things ready for the next day and spending some extra time together

  3. We always watch the parade on TV. Our kids did when they were little and now our grandchildren watch it. We love seeing all of the floats!

  4. My granddaughter loves Chunky Cheese!! We don’t get to go as often as she would like though, we have to live on a budget, so this would be something she would love!

  5. my favorite thanksgiving tradition is we go to my husbands mother house and she cooks an italian feast while we watch football, we have lasagne and stuffed shells and turkey and all the rest of the fixings, we play cards later on, its a good time, i love it

  6. All of our families go to my parents house for Thanksgiving and after we eat we play cards, usually Phase 10. Then we go over the shopping ads to make plans on where we’re going shopping. This year I’m afraid the new shopping hours are going to cut into family time because my sister lives an hour away and her family will leave early because our town doesn’t have that many stores.

  7. We all go to my parents house for Thanksgiving and each of us brings sides or desserts. After we eat we paly Phase 10 and the kids usually go play on the trampoline.

  8. My sons and their families all come to my house for dinner and we use the wedding china my mother gave me for my wedding. It’s the only time of the year we use it.

  9. We do not have an Thanksgiving traditions. We use to go to my grammys every year but after she passed away the day before thanksgiving we really don’t do anything anymore.


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