Celebrate Her First Holiday Season as a Princess in Sofia the First – Holiday In Enchancia

Princess Sofia Holiday in Enchancia Review
Sofia the First Holiday in Enchancia Review
No matter how you celebrate your holiday season, chances are Sofia had a more enchanting one than any of us did! It was her first holiday season in Enchancia as a princess and even had a special visit from Aurora. This year Disney Junior released Sofia the First Holiday in Enchancia, and sent us a copy to review.We love the holiday season, and even though their done for the year, we liked watching Sofia celebrate the holidays with her family. The new collection has their holiday celebration, snow storms (sound familiar?) and even a festive celebration with friends and family. The movie reinforces the importance of celebrating the holidays with your family without pushing any specific holiday on the viewer. It makes it great for kids of all faiths or ones that only celebrate holidays. We found this a nice touch to keep Sofia accessible and relate-able to all children. Overall we enjoyed the new collection and loved watching Sofia and her family enjoy their first royal holiday season.

The DVD has a total run time of 113 minutes and includes five episodes:

  • Holiday in Enchancia
  • Baileywick’s Day Off
  • The Little Witch
  • The Baker King
  • Four’s A Crowd

You can find Sofia the First: Holiday in Enchancia on Amazon and in stores near you. Some even come with a free light up Sofia ornament – which is perfect for your own tree next holiday season!


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