Celebrate Easter with new Origami Owl Charms for your Locket

origami owl Easter living lockets review

origami owl Easter living lockets reviewUnique pieces of jewelry are always big on my list. I love pieces that tell a story, and that’s part of the reason I love my Origami Owl locket I wear almost daily. It’s been three years since I first got my medium locket, and I personalized it with charms inside that still represent who I am and things I love. Since they first launched, Origami Owl has grown and now offers their Living Lockets that come in different styles and can old a variety of different charms.

origami owl Easter living lockets reviewFor Easter this year, I was sent a large Living Locket filled with Easter related charms including spring and holiday related. In our house, the holiday is always about visiting family and spending time together -so I was thrilled to find a “family” charm inside. The locket also had an Easter Egg, a watering can with a heart, a golden chick, a flower and some Swarovski crystals that help accent the ring around the outside. The locket was filled with bright spring colors and themes, and came on a beautiful silver chain so it can immediately accent my outfit for any family celebration we have coming up. The collection is adorable, and a personal favorite for me is the charms included aren’t overly religious so they an be used for than just Easter. However, if you prefer your charms to showcase your religion, you can find charms that do that as well. That is the joy of Origami owl!

origami owl Easter living lockets reviewWhen your Origami Owl jewelry comes to you, it comes in an adorable take out box, and tucked inside a fabric fortune cookie that opens to show your new jewelry. The adorable presentation makes it great to give as a gift without even wrapping. And the small size of the jewelry pouch means you can stash it in someone’s Easter Egg for them to find, or could be added easily to their basket of gifts. The prices of the lockets begin around $20 and each charm can range from a few dollars up to $20 or more depending on what you want to showcase. But no matter what you end up getting, your Origami Owl locket or jewelry piece will be unique to the person wearing it – and will tell a story of its own.


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