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Celebrate Earth Day with the Entenmann’s and TerraCycle Giveaway!

Entenmann’s GiveawayI’ve always been a little more on the green side. Even when I was in elementary school, I loved when Earth Day came around because we would get trees to take home and plant. Growing up, I learned more about being green. And in design school it was all but hammered into my head. In our house, we recycle, compost and even make the majority of our food from scratch.

There are a lot of ways we’re green in our house, and love working with companies that share that thought process. This year when Entenmann’s reached out about working together again to help promote Earth Day – we were more than happy to participate! We were sent four coupons for Little Bites muffins (which Goonie absolutely loves) as well as a great Terracycle Tote made from Little Bite’s boxes!

Terracycle has paired with Entenmann’s for their third annual turn Trash into Cash program. The program allows your child’s school to sign up and collect the packages from your favorite Little Bites products to be turned into great items like the tote bag we received. They can also be turned into lunch bags, pencil cases or even benches! It’s amazing what you can do when you start to recycle. You can find out more about the Terracycle program here and sign up to participate!

Entenmann’s has also created a sweepstakes with the Arbor Day foundation you can enter. One lucky winner will win a year’s supply of Little Bites! Enter for your chance to win until April 30th.

Because we love to recycle, and love the great Terracycle goodies so much – we’ve also paired with Entenmann’s for a fun giveaway. One lucky reader will win a prize pack worth $35 including 4 coupons for Little Bite’s products as well as a Little Bites Terracycle tote! Read how you can win below!

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post: What is your favorite way to recycle or reuse? Or What is your favorite flavor of Little Bites! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form below!


57 thoughts on “Celebrate Earth Day with the Entenmann’s and TerraCycle Giveaway!

  1. My favorite way to reuse are those plastic bags from the stores. We reuse them as pooper scoopers for our dogs.

  2. we recycle all plastic,glass and cans,,i don’t use my dryer I hang my clothes to dry and hand was my dishes

  3. Just came in from hanging my laundry on line, we also free cycle here. I like the Chocolate Chip Muffins.

  4. I love the snickerdoodle muffin flavor of Little Bites! And we try to recycle as much garbage as possible: cans, papers, plastics, etc.

  5. We try to recycle our plastic bags by returning them to the store (they collect them for reuse.) We recycle as much garbage as we can, too.

  6. My daughter loves to do arts & crafts, and will reuse pretty much anything for her artistic creations! And I love to re-use packing materials to ship out things I sell on ebay!

  7. I’d love to try the crème-filled cupcake Little Bites! I haven’t seen those yet, but they look good.

  8. We cleaned out one of our storage sheds today and giveaway almost a pickup of useable items, to a couple of families that needed them, they went fast. This kept the items out of the landfill.

  9. I would love to try the Strawberry Yogurt Little bites. Those would be great with some good strawberry ice cream!

  10. Chocolate chip muffins. We use our newspaper wrappers for poop bags, for wrapping up smelly things to dispose of (shrimp shells, etc)!

  11. We recycle by trying to reuse all sorts of things: plastic grocery bags for storage, butter bowls can be reused as food storage bowls, etc. If it can’t be recycled by returning it to the local recycling place, we try to reuse it.

  12. I would love to try the crème-filled cupcake Little Bites! I haven’t found those yet around here.

  13. we like to reuse our old beer and liquor bottles by having my friend make them into lamps he sells at local craft fairs and also windchimes…

  14. Chocolate chip muffins. I have composting worms that eat all my junk mail and newspapers and they make great soil to put in my garden

  15. I could go for some Strawberry Yogurt Little Bites in some Strawberry ice cream today! Those would be great.

  16. we try to recycle the plastic grocery bags as much as possible by returning them to the store, which has a bin to collect them. Hopefully, they really do reuse them.

  17. As of January 1 we went plastic free in my house. It has been much harder than we thought it would be. Plastic is in so much that we used but we have changed a few things to accommodate such as making our own soap. laundry detergent, and toothpaste. Buying plastic water bottles was the hardest habit to break .

  18. I think I’d like to try the crème-filled cupcake Little Bites. Those sound great. Right now, the Snickerdoodle Little Bites are my favorite.

  19. Oh we love to make things with them! Carter loves to play with my garbage trucks, so with boxes we made houses and stores…and using crumpled newspaper covered with plastic bag pieces…we made little garbage bags!

  20. I love the chocolate chip, the snickerdoodle & the strawberry yogurt. I’d like to try the creme-filled cupcake Little Bites, too.

  21. We have an area designated to a recycle bin in my laundry room. Unfortunately our trash service does not offer recycling pick up so we drive it over to our city’s recycle center. Love little bites, they’re all yummy!!

  22. We have bins for each kind of item: plastic, paper, cardboard. It feels good to do it! Little Bites fan from way back! 🙂

  23. We try to recycle as much as possible: papers, cans, etc. It is more difficult since we moved to a smaller town since there aren’t as many services to take recycling to, but every little bit helps!

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