Celebrate Dia de los Muertos with Zulka Morena Pure Cane Sugar! Review & Giveaway! #Christmascountdown

day of the dead sugar skulls
Zulka Sugar Review
As we move closer to Christmas we can’t forget all of the holidays on the way. Your kids are probably on their way in from Trick-or-Treating. But following right after Halloween is Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead. A Mexican tradition, celebrating the souls of friends and family in the past. It’s a celebration full of color, fun and love.

Zulka Sugar Review

To get ready to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, Zulka Sugar sent me a kit to make my own sugar alter skulls. The kit has almost everything you need to make your skulls including a 4 lb bag of their Morena Pure Cane Sugar. Now, sugar skulls can be made with any sugar but Zulka’s pure cane sugar is a little more coarse and worked easier than other sugars I’ve tried in the past. Combined with the meringue powder they also sent, the skulls came out easier than any I’ve tried to make in the past.

You can find the directions for making sugar skulls and the royal icing on Zulka’s website. I will say that it quickly went to the “sand” stage and was easy to work with. All I had to do was to pack it into the molds and flip them carefully onto a cardboard piece to dry out. The skulls were solid, and dried beautifully in a few hours. Decorating the skulls is completely up to you – with whatever colors and patterns you want. I don’t anticipate winning awards with mine, but the royal icing worked wonderfully and I could create the patterns I wanted on my skulls.

Zulka Sugar Review

The sugar skull kit and recipe Zulka sent makes two medium sized skulls. They both are completely edible, since I left the traditional foil and feathers out. But it’s easiest to make them using your hands – so eating them is completely up to you! And as for your left over sugar? Think of all that holiday baking coming up! Zulka sugar works cup for cup with regular granulated sugar and can be used in anything you want to make. The sugar is unrefined cane sugar and is non-GMO as well!

Zulka Sugar is giving one of my readers two 4 lb bags of their Morena Pure Cane Sugar to try out for your upcoming baking. Read how you can win some below!

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post! You can comment daily so What will you make with your Zulka sugar? Or what is your favorite holiday tradition?!  If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form below.

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  1. There is a recipe for chocolate sugar cookies I found a while back that I’ve been meaning to try. I think the coarser texture of the zulka sugar would make sugar cookies even better since you typically roll the dough in sugar before baking.

  2. One of my favorite holiday traditions is to make the dog’s costume on Thanksgiving for the Jingle Bell Dog Walk. We love to support our local shelter.

  3. I would bake holiday pies–I am the family keeper of my grandmother’s Sweet Potato Pie and make it only on Thanksgiving. I make enough so that everyone gets to take home a whole pie.

  4. Well let’s see now…first I would go with my Peachy Peach Cobbler..next would be Homemade Cranberry Sauce..then I would go with homemade donuts…oooooo just so many goodies!


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