meori shopper bundle review

Carry More Home from the Farmer’s Market with the meori Shopper Bundle

meori shopper bundle reviewFarmers Markets are in full swing across the country as the farmer’s fields are booming. Here in Detroit, we’re lucky enough to have Eastern Market that operates year round, and in the summer months even offers Tuesday Market for those of us who cannot make it on the weekend. It doesn’t matter when I go to Eastern Market, I always end up buying a large amount of beautiful produce to get us through the week (or beyond) and I instantly have recipes swirling through my mind as I go from stall to stall.

meori shopper bundle reviewOn a normal trip to the market,  or when I’m stocking up I bring my market cart and fill it all of the way up. It holds a lot but can be quite a lot to haul around on smaller market trips. This summer I’ve got a new option to help with my smaller trips a meori Shopper Bundle – that packs a lot of features inside it’s small shape. meori sent me one to test out at the market, and we’re shocked just what this box can carry on even bigger trips to the market.

meori shopper bundle reviewThe meori Shopper Bundle is an expandable box that when it is flat is only a couple inches thick. That means I can easily store it in the car or closet without worrying about all of the space it would take up when not in use. It comes with an padded arm strap that latches onto the handles on the box easily with the two heavy grade metal clasps. The inside has a divider that makes the box hold it’s shape and has two mesh pouches that is perfect for sliding in recipes or business cards as you shop. Over all when unfolded the Shopper Bundle measures 14 1/2″ by 12 3/4″ by 10 3/4″ and only weighs 2 lbs. But this small box is extremely strong and can hold up to 65 pounds of whatever you want to put inside it! 

meori shopper bundle reviewWanting to test and see how much the box would actually hold, I took only the Shopper Bundle to the market with me without taking the cart so I could load it up completely. On our trip to the market I was able to pack in 2 lbs of green beans, 15 pounds of tomatoes, 6 ears of corn, 3 cucumbers, 4 squash, one giant zucchini, 2 bundles of garlic scapes and one pound of organic lettuce.

meori shopper bundle reviewAs I went through the market, I just bought what I wanted and added it to the Shopper Bundle I carried over my shoulder and never noticed how much I was packing into it. It didn’t buldge, it didn’t get feel overwhelming to carry and it made shopping easy. The metal clasps kept the strap perfectly in place and moving it from the car to the house was easy.

For quick trips to the market, to the store or even every day errands the meori Shopper Bundle is perfect to have on hand.

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