Care for your Hair with Shielo Intensive Hair Mask

Shielo Intensive Hair Mask Review

Shielo Intensive Hair Mask ReviewOver the years my hair been described in a lot of ways – thick, thin, wavy, curly – overall it’s just a mess. And, honestly, it’s pretty much all of that and more. It’s fine, but there is a lot of it, it’s naturally curly but due to the thickness ends up being wavy. It will knot at the slightest breeze or just wearing it down. Finding a good hair product for my hair has always been an issue, they don’t usually work how they are suppose to on my hair.

Shielo Intensive Hair Mask ReviewShielo sent me their new Intensive Hair Mask to test out, a deep moisturizing treatment with organic extracts that is safe for your hair even if it’s colored or permed. I haven’t actually even cut my hair in almost a year in the half, and even before that it had been several months since it had been colored. So overall my hair is healthy, just unruly. On hair that is healthy like mine, you only need to use the hair mask about once a week, and it helps keep it healthy and hydrated. If your hair is more damaged, you should use the product twice a week until your hair is repaired from the damage done to it. But they say you can see results after just one use – and in my experience, you can!

Because my hair has always been a problem for me, I tend to just tie it back and hope that the humidity doesn’t quickly make me look like a poodle. I’ve been using the Intensive Hair Mask every week for the last few weeks. After the first use, I noticed that not only my hair was easier to manage, any tangles came right out (versus fighting with them) and my hair was visibly shiny when it dried. Even with my hair being as healthy as it is, the Intensive Hair Mask took that to another level, and made it look better than it has in years. It’s hard to not use the product too often, but because of the price and the results I get I want the bottle to stay around for a long time, and I’m currently just sticking to the recommended once a week treatment. It does allow me to leave my hair down without worrying about tangles as much as well. This is definitely a favorite new product that actually works on my hair type.


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