Why Dryel Is cheaper than the dry cleaner

Care For Your Fall Wardrobe and Budget with Dryel

Why Dryel Is cheaper than the dry cleaner
It’s almost time to pull out that fall wardrobe, or to get a new one. We have months of cold weather coming, and want to look the best for work, events and wherever we’re going. Yes, we all have our comfy clothes we often don’t wear out – but we still want to care for them.

Why Dryel Is cheaper than the dry cleanerRecently, I went out and got some new outfits for this fall and upcoming events, and wanted to wash them so they’re ready to wear when I want them. It’s been a couple years since I broke up with my local dry cleaners. There were a lot of reasons, but mostly because of the cost. Each shirt would cost me over $3 to get cleaned, and dressed would be $5 or more. After a week on campus, or a busy weekend of events – that bill started to get very high. We’re not even talking about the jackets that I like to have cleaned every year before the season.

Instead, the past year I’ve been using Dryel to clean our work clothes, my favorite shirts and clothing items. The Dryel starter kit only costs around $12 for a six pack. Each Dryel sheet will clean 5 pieces of clothing, so the starter pack that comes with a stain treating spray will clean up to 30 pieces of clothing. That’s under 50 cents per garment, and we’re not even talking the amount of money that you save by cleaning your clothes at home instead of driving out to the store.

The cost savings of using Dryel is enough to make me break up with my dry cleaner, but the best part is my clothing is clean and ready to wear in twenty minutes and completely wrinkle free. Ditch the dry cleaner and save your budget by dry cleaning your own clothes at home with Dryel.

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