Care Bears And Cousins: Take Heart Volume 1 now on DVD

Care Bear & Cousins Take Heart Review

Care Bear & Cousins Take Heart Review

Everyone loves the Care Bears, but it seems that for a long time we forgot about the Care Bear Cousins. As a true child of the 80’s, I probably loved the Care Bear Cousins more than the Care Bears – who couldn’t love Brave Heart Lion and Lotsa Heart Elephant? The Care Bears and their Cousins bring happiness and love to their adventures and your family. And now they are back with their new series Take Heart! You can grab the first complete season on DVD and digital now – and even Grumpy Bear approves of this! Watch all of the episodes that are based around caring and friendship, in this great family friendly series.

About Care Bears and Cousins Take Heart:

After many years away from Care-a-Lot, Care Bears Cousins finally return home in Care Bears™ & Cousins: Take Heart – Volume 1, arriving on DVD (plus Digital) and Digital HD November 1 from Lionsgate. In this brand new series, debuting for the first time on DVD, the Care Bears reunite with their cousins to retrieve the Cousins’ stolen ship.

There’s exciting news in the land of Care-a-Lot! The Care Bear Cousins – Brave Heart Lion, Bright Heart Raccoon, Lotsa Heart Elephant, and Cozy Heart Penguin – have returned home. The Cousins make sure that the Share Cloud is always full of the Care Hearts that Care-a-Lot needs. When the Cousins’ ship is stolen, the Care Bears and the Cousins use their caring skills to retrieve the ship, save the Share Cloud, collect the lost Care Hearts, and much more in these heartwarming adventures!

Care Bears and Cousins Take Heart Volume 1 is available everywhere now on DVD and Digital HD. It has a total run time of 132 minutes and is family friendly!

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