Car Safety Mistakes We Can All Be Guilty Of Making

Car Safety Mistakes We Can All Be Guilty Of Making

We all know the importance of car safety. There are thousands of accidents on our roads every day, many of which lead to fatalities, so it’s a no-brainer to suggest we should take care on the roads when we are out in our vehicles. 

We’re sure you take all the necessary precautions to ensure safety when on the roads. But if any of the following mistakes are relevant to you, now is the time to heed them to ensure both you and your passengers are safe when in your car. 

Mistake #1: Not checking your passenger’s seatbelts

It’s unlikely you will forget to wear your seatbelt in the car as strapping yourself in will be second nature to you. But what about your passengers? If you do have an accident, their lives will be at risk if they aren’t wearing their seatbelts, so after you have strapped yourself in, you should make sure they are strapped in too. 

2022 seat belt statistics actually indicate a record high in front seat passengers wearing their seatbelts, so most people are safety conscious. But if you have kids in the backseats of your car, they are the ones most likely to forget safety rules. So, take a look behind you and make sure your kids are safely strapped in before you hit the roads.

Mistake #2: Not adjusting your seat

If another person uses your car, the seat might not be adjusted to your size. As such, you should raise or lower the seat before you head out, otherwise, your vision may be compromised when you’re checking your mirrors and looking over your shoulder at the blind spot. 

When the seat isn’t adjusted properly, you might also have trouble extending the brake and clutch pedals. It’s important to move the seat forward or backward to ensure this doesn’t happen. 

If you fail to adjust your seat, you put yourself at greater risk of a car accident. 

Mistake #3: Not altering your driving when the weather is bad

Normal driving rules, including braking distances when behind other vehicles, apply to dry and clear weather. 

But if you are driving in snow and ice or heavy rain, you must alter your driving to suit these weather conditions. This is because tyre grip is reduced on slippery roads and your vision may be compromised when it is raining or snowing outside. 

So, be aware of how inclement weather conditions can affect your response times and reduce your speed accordingly. This will allow for a greater stopping distance when you need to apply the brake. 

Mistake #4: Not paying attention while driving

To ensure the safety of yourself and your passengers, you must always keep an eye on the roads. 

This is something you will know already but if you have ever changed songs on your iPod while driving, or tried to open a bottle of drink, your eyes won’t have been focussed on what was in front of you. The same applies if you have picked up your phone to check a message or looked behind you to talk to a passenger. 

It only takes a couple of seconds for a life-threatening situation to occur so don’t take any risks! Be a safe and responsible driver to protect both your life and the lives of those traveling with you. 


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