v.360 camera review

Capture your Life in Stunning 360 with a V.360 Camera

v.360 camera reviewLife happens in 360 degrees, so why miss a moment by taking flat photos or ones that only capture part of a moment. Thankfully, thanks to VSN Mobil, we’re able to capture life in 360 degrees as it happens and preserve everything digitally. They sent us their V.360 camera to review that not only shoots stunning seamless panaramic shots but also can shoot 4K Ultra HD Videos.

v.360 camera reviewThe V.360 camera comes with the camera, a battery pack, a charging cord, a hand controller with battery and a microfiber cover to keep your lens clean and protected. One of my favorite features using the V.360 is the flexibility to shooting with the camera. With the hand held controller not only can you power on the camera, but you can shoot video, photos or burst photos. Using the hand controller you can shoot on the go, but you aren’t able to see what is actually in your view. In order to see what is being shot you have to connect your V.360 camera with the V.360 app and the wireless network the phone creates. Once connected you can see exactly what you’re shooting, all of the images on the card, send yourself images or even shoot video. On the phone app during exporting you can also select the center point of your photo – which isn’t set until you upload the image or share with someone else.

The mobile app also allows you to shoot from a remote location without being in view of the camera. That means that you can place it in a secure location and get the shots you want without being in them. I can’t wait to try this out inside our bee hive or even in our yard during a party. Check out this shot from a recent trip to Tennessee that I took with the phone app and the V.360. The final panoramic shot measures 90 inches x 15 inches and would be an impressive print on the wall!

v.360 camera review

When you pull a video off your V.360 camera using a USB cord it will come out in a stacked format. You can see everything that is going on but it is not one continuous image. We took a short video on a trip to Kentucky earlier this summer and this is the video directly out of the camera.

Having a video like that does allow you to see everything on one screen, but it’s not the full experience of a 360 video or the point of having a 360 camera. When I first took the videos off the camera I started looking to find a way to stitch the video into one view like it was shot. Unfortunately there are a lot of different options to do this online, and none of them are cheap. This is another place that VSN mobil stepped in to fix that problem – they offer a free app to download and stitch the videos from their camera into one continuous view! You just drag the stacked video to the converter, choose your output and hit convert. it’s extremely easy to use, and when you are done, you end up with a continuous 360 video!

Here is the same video converted to 360 on YouTube:

What else do you notice on the 360 video? It’s zoomed in and it has a directional control in the upper left corner. Using that control you can move to the left, right and even up and down within the view of the video. The video is shot in 4K Ultra HD, so it will play on your television or laptop without a problem as a strip 360 video (without movement options). But uploading it to YouTube does seem to reduce the image quality a little and you are able to move around in the video.

By uploading the videos to YouTube you are also are creating a video that can be viewed through Google Cardboard. If you have a Google Cardboard viewer, you can play the movies on your phone and get a full version 360 view of your videos. Once you select the 360 video on YouTube and select the Google Cardboard icon and the screen will split for the dioptic viewing and your Google Cardboard viewer will let you see everything in the video. Turn you head left and right in the view and you can see what’s around you, and since it’s a 360 video, you can turn completely around and see a different view.

When we were in Disneyland last month, I shot a few different videos with the V.360 including the closing night fireworks. You can see the video here, and if you’re watching it with Google Cardboard, the fireworks are towards the south!

The V.360 Camera is available on the VSN Mobil website as well as on Amazon. The camera price ranges from $449-$499 – which is more than a traditional point and shoot camera. However, the price does put it as one of the cheapest 360 cameras without there. The size is small and light weight, makes it easy to transport and take with you.

v.360 camera reviewThe stills and the video in from the V.360 are gorgeous, and the videos can be adjusted to 6480 x 1080 HD, just remember upload compression may diminish that as well. With the V.360 you can also set up live streaming that people can log in and enjoy an event with you remotely. And, you never have no longer be in the group shot with the V.360, simply set it in the middle of the table and get everyone in to preserve the memories!

I love my camera and tech gifts, but I have to say that the V.360 is one of my favorite tech toys to play with and shoot with. I often set up the video to run while I’m shooting stills and we’re able to see everything and enjoy everything again later. And without fail, no matter where I’m shooting with the V.360, it catches people’s eye and starts conversations. You don’t need to drop a small fortune to get beautiful 360 photos, and the techie in your life will love playing with the V.360.
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