Capture and #Save your Holiday Memories with a Droid Ultra and Google+ #VZWVoices

verizon droid ultra review

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Savers Voices program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

Droid Ultra Images
I’ve been reviewing a Droid Ultra since September now, and there are only a few features I haven’t been able to test out and play with yet, including Zap, since another Ultra needs to be near it to use it. But I found a fun and added feature you can do with your Droid Ultra – all you have to do is take photos and have them backed up with Google+.

Droid Ultra Images
One of my favorite features on the Droid Ultra is the rapid fire taking. While not completely seamless you can take multiple pictures in a row. You wont miss that moment of your cats being good friends – what I nice surprise I found since losing our Graysie!

The rapid-fire photo taking also allows you to capture those moments when your little one is being goofy. But combine this rapid-fire photo taking with Google+ and you will get some outstanding results!

I’ve always been a fan of using Google+ on my Droids in the past. The app will automatically upload any photos you take to your Google+ account for you to access later. They are not there for public viewing, unless you choose to share them with your friends and family. Google+ will also geo stamp your photos for you, so you can remember where you took them. This is great if you are using it as a back up to take photos on a trip, and may not take the time to write down every location you’ve been to.

PictureDroid Ultra Images
Droid Ultra Images

Now, how can this work with your rapid-fire photo feature? Google+ has now started to enhance your photos (adjusting the color, contrast and more). But if the photos are taken in a burst together, or movement is detected by their algorithm they stitch your photo together in a loop. These loops create short videos that are actually image files, animated gifs to be exact. They can be shared and catch those special moments with your family and kids! They wont have sound of course, but sometimes it’s the action that is so much better than the words!

You’ve probably seen me use a few of these in past reviews, I have to admit I kind of love them. The motion is fun, and something that you don’t always see in images. And the best part – they’re free! This is just something that Google+ started doing with your images. So far this isn’t something I’ve been able to do with my Razr M, it doesn’t take pictures quick enough to create the gifs. Google+ will still enhance your images, but you may not be able to get the movement saved.

This by far is one of my favorite apps and with the combination of the features on the Droid Ultra, I love seeing some of animations that Google+ creates for me. I shoot a lot of pictures with my Droid Ultra, and often when I’m on the go. It’s always a nice surprise to log into my account when I get home to see what was automatically uploaded for me. I can’t wait to use this to save more moments this holiday season. I wont miss any with this great combination!

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