sesame street live detroit

Can You Tell me How to Get… Sesame Street

sesame street live detroit

It’s a tradition of childhood, growing up with the well-known characters of Sesame Street teaching kids all about numbers, letters, and friends. The characters are unique and all have a special talent for entertainment and learning. Elmo, Big Bird, Cookie Monster, and Grover are all iconic members of Sesame Street who bring all the fun to the TV screen making learning fun and begin lifelong friendships with viewers.

sesame street live detroitAs entertaining as the characters are on television, seeing them live on stage, close enough to touch is an experience that no kid should miss.

Sesame Street Live “Make a New Friend” came to Detroit this past weekend and it was a show to remember. All of our favorites came together on stage with a program filled with songs and friendship. In the show, we met Grover’s friend, Chamki, who is visiting from India. Grover is so excited to spend the day with his friend and all Chamki is worried about is fitting in with Grover’s friends from Sesame Street.

sesame street live detroitThrough many songs and dancing, Chamki learns that being herself is the best person to be and your friends will love you for who you are and your uniqueness. Chamki thinks she;s different because of her heritage but the truth is she is unique because she is an excellent dancer, a skill all her new friends love. Throughout the show, Chamki learns that being yourself is the best way to be, no matter how you feel with new friends.

Sesame Street Lives comes to tsesame street live detroithe stage with a fun, entertaining show that teaches kids to be true to themselves. They put on quite a show, my kids loved dancing along and watching all their favorite characters come to life in front of them.  Watching my kids eyes light up was the best part of the show for me. It was great to see them having as much while learning some valuable lessons.

Want to be give your kids the same experience? Check out the Sesame Street Live website here and find a show near you.

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