Can You Crack Iceland In 48-Hours?

Can You Crack Iceland In 48-Hours?

Iceland is one of those bucket list countries we would all love to see. Thanks to its incredible views and areas of natural beauty, it’s one of the most photogenic countries in the world. If you’ve spied Iceland snaps on your Instagram, you’re probably busting to see it for real. The trouble is that thanks to its climate, Iceland isn’t always the best bet for a two week holiday. In fact, the majority of tourists tend to stay for just a few short days.

It may seem like a shame, but even 48 hours is plenty of time to fit in the best of what Iceland has to offer. Even better, it’s a short enough period that the cold won’t bother you too much!

Of course, planning is essential during such a brief stay anywhere. While 48 hours is ample time, it’s all too easy to waste it. To make sure that you really crack Iceland during your stay, keep on reading to find out about the plans you need to put in place.

Book early flights there

It’s essential that you book early flights for arrival. While this might mean getting up at the crack of dawn, it’s worth your while. This does, after all, ensure you have the entirety of your first day to play with. If you’re worried about not being able to get going when you arrive, don’t be. There are plenty of attractions around Iceland’s main airport Keflavik. The moment you touch down, you face no more than a ten-minute journey to destinations like The Blue Lagoon and National Park of Þingvellir. You could hit these locations before the rest of Iceland even wakes up. All the better for seeing as much as possible.

See the sights with a tour guide

While heading off on your own is always good for adventure, it isn’t the best when the clock is ticking. If you want to see the most of Iceland, you’d do better opting for tours like the one day south coast and ice cave tour offered by This ensures a structure to your limited days which ensures you get to see  the best sights. Tours like these could keep you on track, and make sure that your timeframe is more than enough to serve your needs.

Plan what you’re eating ahead of time

In any destination, choosing places to eat which display local cuisine can take time. Before you know, you could spend a whole afternoon looking for authentic dining. That’s fine when you have a week, but not just 48-hours. Your last step towards time efficiency, then, should be to decide on when you’re going to eat ahead of time. That way, meals needn’t ever take longer than an hour. Lucky for you, Iceland has some amazing eating options, especially in Reykjavik. By heading to sites like, you could end up eating some seafood which you’ll never forget. All without ever taking you away from the important task of cracking Iceland.

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