What can you Pickle? Find out in The Complete Book of Pickling

complete book of pickling review

complete book of pickling reviewWhen you think of pickling immediately your thoughts go towards pickles or Peter Piper and his pickled peppers. But beyond that most people don’t know that there are a ton of things you can pickle to add some variety and some new flavors to your recipes. I’ve only started to experiment with pickling different items, so I was excited to check out the different recipes in The Complete Book of Pickling when it was sent to me to review.

So other than Peter Piper, who likes pickled food? If you’ve tried different pickled items you probably do or will! Have you ever tried pickled cabbage on top of a pork taco, or pickled red onions on your salad? Pickling does more for your food than extend the shelf life of some of your food items, it changes their flavor profile and your meal.

complete book of pickling reviewThe Complete Book of Pickling has 250 different recipes on 352 pages from pickles, to salsa and relishes. The cookbook goes through the basics of canning, what you will need and how to prepare your food. It provides you recipes for the items you are growing in your garden or can find at your local farmers market. It also takes things you wouldn’t expect to normally pickle and provides great alternatives – pickled strawberries and watermelon not on your menu? It will be now!

You can find The Complete Book of Pickling on Amazon, and inside you’ll find a variety of ideas to change up your preserving routine as well as your recipes you enjoy for dinner each night. Find 250 recipes for pickled items, which is probably 240 more than you knew than existed and includes beautiful images of food that you wouldn’t assume are pickled at all.


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