Camping at a KOA – What Do They Bring to the Party?

Port Huron KOA Review

Camping is one of our favorite things to do in the summer. It helps us disconnect from our every day busy lives and reconnect with nature as well as our family and loved ones. But not everyone is made for deep woods camping where your phone doesn’t work or the nearest bathroom is a half hour drive back to town.

If you’re traveling with a family, or like the idea of camping as a get away, but want to still have some luxuries you are used to – you may want to look at a KOA. A KOA is a camp ground network that not only provides you with a camp site, similar to state parks do, but offer you plenty of other options as well. We were invited to be guests of the Port Huron KOA and as far as KOAs go, it was one of the nicest we have experienced so far.

Port Huron KOA Review

When you stay at a KOA you have three different options for camping available you can bring Your Own Tent, rent one of their cabins or even bring your RV to the site. Throughout the park, they offer different site options as well – all will come with power connection, easy access to the bathrooms and a fire pit or grill. But if you choose some of the fancier sites, you may end up with a full outdoor grilling pavilion, your own waterfall and outdoor cooking area.

Port Huron KOA Review

One of the best parts of camping at a KOA is the sense of community and things that your family can do while you’re there. From outdoor sports fields, daily activities or even the option to make your own Tie Dye shirt is available. From outdoor pools, putt putt, bounce balloons and more – there is plenty to keep your family entertained while you relax or join in on the fun.

All of your needs are met at the KOA, with shops and fire wood easily available. And their location is close enough to town if you decide you need to go out to eat you can easily make a trip.


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