Camp Manitou-Lin Offers Gluten Free Camp Option for Local Kids

Camp Manitou-Lin Offers Gluten Free Camp

Camp Manitou-Lin Offers Gluten Free CampBeing gluten free is hard as an adult, and as a kid – it can seem like the world is ending. You can’t eat the same things as your friends, you may not even know anyone else with your restricted diet. All of these make it hard for you to go out to eat, let alone go to camp. But this year Camp Manitou-Lin is offering a gluten free camp option where kids can meet others that have their diet.

The Michigan Capital Celiac Support group has partnered again with volunteers and other local companies to offer this camp option at Camp Manitou-Lin. Attendees can play basketball, go swimming, ride horses, learn archery, and many other activities that will create life long memories. And the best part is that all foods are gluten-free, prepared in a separate kitchen space and served in a dedicated cafeteria. They are careful in accommodating other allergens as well. In this way children are allowed to feel normal again!

The camp is June 19-25, 2016 . All registrations are being handled by the YMCA Camp Manitou-Lin.  The fee is $587 for the week. There are separate online registrations for boys and girls.
Need Financial Assistance? Check out this form for aid. Deposit is not required immediately, but if you would like your child to be added to the list call (888) 909-2267.
Additionally the Michigan Capital Celiacs are now applying for grants. If your child or teen wishes to come and will need financial assistance, please let us know so that we know how much to request. Please email Greta at for more information.


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