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CamelBak Relay – Hydration Made Easy with a Double Filtration System

Camelbak Relay
With warmer weather on the horizon, I know there are going to be a lot of days outside in the sun and heat. While I usually have a glass or bottle of water in my hand, getting cool, clean water can be harder than it sounds at times. That is until CamelBak sent me one of their new Relay pitchers to review.

Camelbak Relay

It doesn’t matter how many bottles of water are in the cooler drawer, or in our pitcher we always run out of cold drinking water. I prefer my water filtered and cold, but our old pitcher system always had a couple major issues that seemed to keep it on the shelf in the cupboard instead of in the fridge. The first problem our old pitcher system had was the filter, besides replacing it monthly (and it got expensive) it also only filtered the water as it went it – leaving it open to picking open nasty scents or flavors. It also occasionally would drop into the water – I’m not a fan of drinking charcoal deposits! The other major problem it had was the size. It had claimed to be a “door sized” pitcher, but took up too much space so it usually wound up on the shelf eating space.

Camelbak Relay

Both of these issues were fixed easily as soon as I set up my Relay. The relay comes in three main pieces, the reservoir, the lid and the filter. You simply remove all of the parts, put them on top of each other and you’re almost ready to go. The filter actually is two main filters and both last for four months at a time – that’s already a big price savings over buying one monthly! The lid has a simple dial that you can set the month you started using your pitcher and it will tell you when you should replace it.

Camelbak Relay

But why is the filter in two pieces? It actually filters your water as it goes in as well as it goes out! That means no more weird tasting water, or smelling water. It also pours, and filters at the same speed as your tap – that is after the first fill up, and pour out.

When you first set up the Relay, my suggestion is to run a full 10 cups of water through the filter and pour it out of the spout. Until the filter soaks in some water the first time it will not filter as quick as it will later, and the first pour of water will have a little filter “dust” in it. But running a full cycle of water through the system clears up both of these problems. Then all you have to do is fill it up, make sure you lid is secured and pour out fresh and clean tasting water every time!

Besides the longer filter life and cleaner tasting water, I love the fact that the Relay takes up less space in my door but still holds 10 cups of water. The Relay is BPA Free and dishwasher safe – and the spill proof lid, has already saved me a few times!

CabelBak’s Relay water filter pitcher is available on Amazon and at other great retailers!

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  1. Thanks for the review. I saw these a while back and add them to my Amazon wish list. I was wondering what someone thought about them. I waiting for them to drop in price before I get one.

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