Cambridge Pairs with Fiesta to Celebrate Color

cambridge Fiesta Knives Review

cambridge Fiesta Knives ReviewMost people have a specific color scheme in their kitchen, and I could probably say that I’m not exception to that rule. I’ve always stuck with red, silver and black when I choose appliances and it wasn’t until I started adding Fiesta ware and their other lines to the kitchen did we see a lot more color to show up. If you look up at my knife bar, everything is pretty much the same – black and steel. Not that there is nothing wrong with that, but there is no reason that color shouldn’t be part of your knife collection – and still provide a quality blade.

cambridge Fiesta Knives ReviewEarlier this year when I saw the new product lines being launched by Homer Laughlin, I noticed they had a new partnership with Cambridge Silversmiths to create some colorful new Fiesta branded knives. Each of the new knife sets is made with the high quality Cambridge steel, and branded with Fiesta colors. They sent me one of each of the new color lines – Flora Decal and Chevron Decal to review and test out. The first thought I had was “wow, I already have the matching towels for those!”

cambridge Fiesta Knives ReviewThe new knife sets bring out the classic and current Fiesta colors, and match with some of the newer sets as well – this helps them continue what makes Fiesta a favorite for so many people – the versatility of design and color options. Each set comes with a 6″ chef knife and a 3.5″ paring knife, with blade covers that match the handle. To make sure the blades are properly covered so you can store them in the drawer safely, just line up the iconic Fiesta lady with the Fiesta logo on the cover.

cambridge Fiesta Knives ReviewEach blade is made of high carbon stainless steel blades with FDA approved, food safe, non-stick decal coating. And the handle is made of a soft touch plastic handle. With a plastic handle, I expected the knives to be extremely light weight and not be able to control them as well as other heavier knives. But looks can be deceiving – the plastic handles are sturdy and ergonomically designed so you can easily pinch the blade while cutting.

I’ve been using the knives to prep meals, or chop fruits and veggies. Not only have I been getting clean and easy cuts through even the hardest of material, but they are extremely easy to wash up. Because of the decal design, it is recommended you hand wash the knives – but it helps keep the design and blade in better shape over a longer period of time. Just wash after use, dry and put away. Besides being beautifully designed, each knife set is an incredible deal at only $14.99! Most chef knives alone cost more than that, and don’t come with the great Fiesta colors we’re use to and want in our kitchens.


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