California Design Den Brings Eco-Friendly Options to Your Linens

california design den sheets review

We’re always looking to change up our bedroom style and that begins with our sheets. Our king sized bed is our place of refuge and rest for us, as well as our cats. Unfortunately that means they tend to track in dirt and sometimes litter bits as they come to snuggle with us. The result? Me changing the sheets often and re-washing our linens all the time. So finding affordable lines has always been high priority for me.

We were sent a King Sheet set from California Design Den. Their sheets are not only affordable, but ethically made and provide one of the largest pattern varieties we’ve seen in the same price point. The sheets are made Ethically in India in a certified, socially compliant and awarded factory which supports more than 300 working families.

A luxurious sleep begins between the sheets. Their gorgeous, 400-thread-count King sheets are made simply and ethically. Each 100 percent pure cotton sheet set delivers a soft feel and durable construction for the ultimate bedroom experience. They’re perfect for refreshing your living space with a pop of color, or as an elegant essential for your new home. They create the long staple cotton sheets and pillowcases using pure cotton yarns. Every set of King bed sheets is made of pure natural cotton which is a natural fiber, unlike microfiber. The cotton is combed to filter out impurities and ensure superb strength. This quality is easy to feel when you dive into cool sheets in your favorite print or lay your head on Pure White pillowcases

When it comes to construction, each bed sheets set is stitched by a skilled artisan, then inspected by hand. This attention to detail makes them superior in look and feel to Egyptian cotton linens. They’re also easy to put on and take off, with fitted sheets featuring upgraded elastic quality. Deep pockets and a silky sateen weave deliver ease of use and a head-turning look, while revolutionary new dyes offer lush, lasting color. Climb into bed and enjoy the smooth feel of satin or silk sheets with the classic breathability of cotton. From twin size sheets to deep pocket king sheets, each luxurious pure cotton sheets set is individually made in an award-winning, state-of-the-art factory and delivers comfort, ease, and style.

Whether you’re buying deep pocket King sheets for a new home, girls bedding or boys’ bedding like cool twin-size sheets, or Queen sheets as a gift, all-natural cotton California Design Den Sheets offer quality and head-turning style at a value you can’t miss.


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