Caillou Helps Teach Sharing and Taking Turns in new DVD

Caillou Learns to Share Review

Caillou Learns to Share ReviewWhen you’re small sharing is hard to understand. That’s why we’re happy when we can find episodes of shows that help explain why we share and care for friends, in ways they understand. Last month PBS Kids released a new collection of episodes with Caillou that help explain sharing to toddlers and small children.

We were sent a copy of Caillou Learns to Share to help teach sharing to young viewers. In the episodes Caillou discovers that sharing his things with the people he loves always turns out better in the end. From teaching his classmate Clementine his special art technique, to taking turns at playing conductor with his friends and family, to sharing his favorite things with little sister Rosie, Caillou learns that sharing not only makes him feel really good, it makes those around him feel good too!

Caillou Learns to Share has 7 episodes included:

  • That’s Mine!
  • Copycat Clementine
  • Caillou’s Poster
  • Playhouse Play Date
  • Caillou Conducts
  • Caillou’s Song
  • Where’s Caillou?

If you’re looking for more Caillou fun, visit for fun printables and activities. Caillou Learns to Share is rated TV-Y and has a total run time of 60 minutes.


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