Cabbage Patch Little Sprouts – the Smallest Friends from the Cabbage Patch are Here

cabbage patch little sprouts review

cabbage patch little sprouts review
Over the last couple of years we’ve seen a huge surge in popularity in miniature toys and mystery bags and pods just for kids. Kids are going crazy over the micro sized toys and want to collect them all. Now, kids favorite Cabbage Patch Kids have moved to the miniature toys with their new Little Sprouts.

cabbage patch little sprouts reviewCabbage Patch Kids sent me a selection of their Little Sprouts to check out. This is the first round and there are multiple Cabbage Patch Kids, Babies and Pets you can collect and play with. The range of options in the Little Sprouts lineup ranges from small cabbage “blind bags” or mystery pods filled with another Cabbage Patch Kids, or a baby and pet. You can find rare and hard to find sprouts for your own collection.

cabbage patch little sprouts reviewJust like the larger sized Cabbage Patch Kids, the Little Sprouts have a full and advenure-full life that you can enjoy with them. Part of the Little Sprouts world is the Babyland General Hospital Play Set, where not only new Cabbage Patch Kids are born, but can bathe, sleep and have fun. The Babyland General Hospital play set also folds up and keeps all of the parts inside so you don’t have to worry about them falling out in between play times.

cabbage patch little sprouts reviewWe absolutely love Cabbage Patch Kids and have since we were kids and had our own dolls. The Little Sprouts are a fun new addition to the Cabbage Patch family, and kids will love collecting them all. Cabbage Patch Kids Little Sprouts are marked for ages four and older, however there are some very small pieces and accessories. Some of these small pieces may be too small for younger kids even within the age range, but of course that all depends on your child. They are absolutely a fun addition to the Cabbage Patch line up and of course the collectible mini toy world!
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