Cabbage Patch Kids and Adoptimals are Ready to Join Your Family

cabbage patch kids and pets review

cabbage patch kids and pets reviewWhen Cabbage Patch Kids first came out, I was that age group that needed to have one. The dolls are adorable, soft bodied and can pretty much be dragged everywhere with you. I’m pretty sure my parents had to bribe someone to get my sister and I our dolls – and we loved them for year. I actually still have my old Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, although their original outfits are long and they’ve been rocking the nudist lifestyle for years. In the last couple of years Cabbage Patch Kids have come back, and they’re better than ever. There was a short period of time they had a hard formed body, but the new dolls are back to the soft bodied dolls we loved to cuddle with.

cabbage patch kids and pets reviewWe were sent some one of the new Cabbage Patch Kids 14″ dolls and an adorable cat Adoptimal for her own pet! The larger Cabbage Patch Kids come in a variety of skin tones and hair colors to represent a wide cross section of the world’s population. With their core message “our individuality makes us special”. Our doll was smiling wide with her blonde wavy hair and bright blue glasses that match her spring dress. Around her wrist is a key to link her to her new pet. Like all older versions of Cabbage Patch Kids, she came with her own birth certificate and adoption papers from Babyland General® Hospital.

cabbage patch kids and pets reviewSince most kids want their own pet, Cabbage Patch Kids have release their Adoptimals. Including both cats and dogs, they proudly wear a heart on their collar, that fits the key on your dolls arm. The heart lights up when the two are connected showing the bond between the two is one of love. And each pet has their own Cabbage Patch mark on their paw. The cat we were sent not only purrs and chirps like a pet cat, but also comes with it’s own adoption paperwork making it part of your family! Your Adoptimal will come with a food bowl and a brush so your little one can properly take care of it as well.

As a long time fan of Cabbage Patch dolls, it’s nice to see the dolls are back and supporting individuality and of course growing families. When I first took our new doll out of the box, the dolls even have the same smell as they did when we were kids and I was instantly was transported back to when I got my doll as a kid. I’m happy that Cabbage Patch Kids have returned to the soft bodies and they keep expanding the offerings for their fans. You can find the perfect one for your kids.

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