word world Fun and Games review

Build Up Their Reading Skills with WordWorld Fun & Games!

Reading can be easier for kids when it’s introduced in a fun and easy way! That’s exactly why PBS created WordWorld. With fun characters and items created out of the word they are made of – it helps kids with word recognition and makes reading easier and fun!

Kids will find outdoor games, adventures and tales of friendship in the fun-filled “WORDWORLD: FUN & GAMES!The DVD has eight episodes, including Castles in the Sea, where Duck and Shark find a new home for Shark while they’re playing on the beach – a sand castle! Will they solve the mystery and determine why it disappears every night while Shark is sleeping? In Pirate Ship, Sheep, Duck and Shark find a message in a bottle. It’s just one of several rhyming clues that will lead to a special treasure! In Ride ‘em CowBear, Pig, Dog and Duck play cowboys, and Bear wants to join them, but gets frustrated when she learns she’s not very good at rope tricks. Bear learns it takes practice to be a rootin’-tootin’ CowBear!

Episodes include:

  • Castles in the Sea
  • Pirate Ship
  • Playing Spies
  • Ride ’em CowBear
  • Shar’s First Loose Tooth
  • Dog Wants to Play Ball
  • Kite Flight
  • X Marks the Spot

WORDWORLD: FUN AND GAMES! ($9.99 SRP) will be available on DVD beginning April 16, 2019. The DVD has a run time of approximately 108 minutes.

Episodes featured on this DVD will also be streaming on PBS KIDS Prime Channel on Amazon. 

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