Build More than Just Shapes with Laser Pegs

laser Pegs Copter Review

laser Pegs Copter ReviewWith so many toy options on the market, we’re loving the influx of educational options. Not that toys shouldn’t be fun, but kids learn easily through playing. Goonie was sent a Laser Pegs 30-in-1 Super Copter set to play with, and this STEM based set not only lights up – but will keep him busy all summer!

laser Pegs Copter ReviewLaser Pegs are colorful translucent plastic building blocks that fit together to build extraordinary things. They fit easily with some LED lit tubes that bring the creations to life. The 30-in-1 Super Copter comes with over 160 blocks and over 30 Laser Pegs, plus the directions to start your little builder out building their own Helicopter. The steps are easy to follow, and clearly marked out on each page and they will have you building smaller components of the helicopter that will eventually add together create the finished ‘Copter. If you want to use the set to build any of the other kits, you can download the PDF for different creations directly on the Laser Peg website!

laser Pegs Copter ReviewLike other building blocks, Laser Pegs snap together and form larger blocks and shapes. At first we had a little problem getting some of the pieces to stay together, but realized that if you pushed each end and then the center (on the thinner pieces) they would hold together better. Then we had another unique problem – if we used the wrong part – some pieces were put together too well, they didn’t want to come apart! If you slide your nail between the pieces they do come apart.

laser Pegs Copter ReviewOne thing we loved about the set was the Laser Pegs parts included with the colored bricks. Most of the Laser Pegs parts are rounded, some remind you of old glass tubes used in older TVs and Radios. But inside are the LED lights. The lighting elements not only add some fun to the build but add some curves to the square blocky shapes you’re use to making with block designs.

laser Pegs Copter ReviewTo light up your final Laser Pegs Super Copter you put it on the provided Laser Pegs base and hold the button down. We’d love to see one that stays lit for a longer duration or one you could have on a timer  – but the finished ‘Copter is impressive to see and will be awesome on display in Goonie’s play room!

laser Pegs Copter ReviewBuilding with blocks helps kids learn spatially without them even knowing it, and while Laser Pegs says this set is for ages 5 and up – make sure you kid is willing to sit and build the set for a long time. You may end up doing the majority of the building, but the set is a fun project to work on together. There are a couple small pieces that could be a choke hazard for under 5 years old if they still stick items in their mouth.

The best thing about this set for Goonie, and us, is that once the Copter is done, we can build another fun creation with the set. There are so many options that will not only keep your kid busy, but building and having fun all summer long!


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