Build and Play with the Marbelocity Mini-Coaster Set

Marbelocity Mini Coaster Maker Kit Review

Marbelocity Mini Coaster Maker Kit Review

We’re use to toys with some assembly required, but that is usually a task for the parents or aunts and uncles. But how often do toys require some assembly as part of the game play? Tinkineer has come out with a line of great toys called Marbleocity, that not only has the kids assemble it as part of the game play but helps teach them how to build and how basic mechanics works.

Marbelocity Mini Coaster Maker Kit ReviewWe were sent the Marbleocity Mini Coaster, a laser cut birch wood playset that assembles into a fully functional rollercoaster for kids to play with.  Build your own wild ride full of dips and turns with some engineering and physics thrown in. The Mini Coaster can be completed in around an hour and is something that can be done easily by kids around 8 years old and up, or could be a fun kit to work together with as a family.

The Mini Coaster is not only fun to do but is a great opportunity for kids to learn the basics of physics, projectile motion and centripetal force while making an awesome kinetic sculpture. It’s a great great way to introduce complex concepts to kids all while they’re having fun.

About Marbleocity:

“We designed the Marbleocity line to be a satisfying and fun building experience,” said Adam Hocherman, founder of Tinkineer, and PlayMonster’s Vice President of New Business. “Each set includes a graphic novel designed to communicate meaningful STEM concepts in an engaging format. Our cast of Tinkineers — Kelvin, Joule, Newt and friends — come together in each story to teach a physics or mechanics lesson that children can understand and that relates to the model they are building.”

The comic is a large part of what makes this STEM toy unique and special. It’s not intimidating for children to learn about roller coaster design, conservation of energy, projectile motion or centripetal force when a character is taking them through the concepts in a fun and relatable way. With Marbleocity, kids are engineers, scientists, mathematicians and more, all the while enjoying the experience. And in the end, they’ve learned something and have a cool marble run!

There are currently four different models in the Marbleocity line with more planned. All sets are made of laser-cut Baltic Birch and do not require batteries! They are a great way to kick start your kids imagination and love for building!

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