Bruegger’s Bagels is Back in Royal Oak

brueggers bagels royal oak review

brueggers bagels royal oak review

After a short (or long depending on how big of a Bruegger’s Bagels fan you are) the Royal Oak Bruegger’s Bagels shop has reopened! No matter how long you waited, it was worth the wait. After closing down to upgrade machinery and revamp the store, they are back with a larger sandwich menu, fresher bagels, and better coffee.

brueggers bagels royal oak reviewI was honored to get to attend a pre-grand opening with my daughter and relive some of my younger days that I spent at Bruegger’s. The bagels were as tasty as ever and fresher then I remember. The breakfast sandwiches were amazing and a great way to start my day. Why were they so great? Each breakfast sandwich is made with a fresh fried whole egg, not a liquid substitute, freshly prepared meat choices, and real cheese. There are so many ways to customize your sandwich that even the pickiest of eaters would be pleased.

brueggers bagels royal oak reviewAnd the coffee! It was so fresh, flavorful, and warming. The new coffee is Rainforest alliance approved and with multiple options made fresh throughout the day you will always get a good cup. The new dark roast was one of the best I have ever had.

So, that’s your cue to head to downtown Royal Oak and check out the remodeled Bruegger’s Bagels. You will not be disappointed.

brueggers bagels royal oak review


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