Bring Ultimate Comfort to the Garden with Dura Knit Gloves

Firm Grip Dura-Knit Gloves Review

The type of work gloves a person chooses is often a very personal choice. From tighter grips, rubber interiors, the ability to still use your phone screen, all while protecting your hands. While gardening gloves are often rubbery, they can be hot and restrictive for some gardeners. That’s why for years, I’ve opted to choose leather or work gloves to do the job. They provide adequate protection, grip and the ability to work and not not be restricted as you do so.

For years, I’ve picked up Firm Grip work gloves, and several pairs have lasted for years – despite any work and gardening I’ve put them through. This year, Firm Grip has released their Dura-Knit gloves that provide the same protection no matter what work they doing.

Firm Grip Dura-Knit Gloves Review

The Dura-Knit gloves last longers with a 2X more durable design, modeled after shoe designs and materials. It has 3D knit technology that allows them to stretch over your hands and fit like a second glove, all while having a silicone pattern that allows you to keep your grip on things. The gloves also still have the tech fibers inside that allows you to open your phone and devices and stay connected or take your images of your current project.

While the design of the new Dura-Knit gloves are different, they provide the same protection of the other Firm Grip gloves and products. They’re a great addition to your garden or shop projects. They are currently available online and at Home Depot in their promotional area. If you’re looking for a more lightweight work glove, Dura-Knit may be the option for you.


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