Bring Their Favorite Fairy Tales to Life with Puzzles from the Purple Cow

the purple cow hansel and gretel puzzel review

the purple cow hansel and gretel puzzel review

Childhood is filled with story time and imagination, and often kids find their first friends in these stories. While many kids have board puzzles and story books, it’s not often that their favorite characters from classic fairy tales are put on puzzles for small kids to play with and enjoy. The Purple Cow is known for making fun games and puzzles, and now they’ve created fun fairy tale puzzles for small builders and players.

the purple cow hansel and gretel puzzel reviewThe Purple Cow sent us their Hansel and Gretel puzzle for kids aged 3-5. It only has 24 larger pieces that are around 2″ x 2″ each – the perfect size for little hands and working on hand eye coordination. All of the puzzle pieces fit neatly inside the metal tin that is perfect for storage or bringing it with you.

the purple cow hansel and gretel puzzel reviewOverall the puzzle is cute, easy to assemble and full of fun colors that kids will love. And once completed you get the whole scene with Hansel, Gretel and the house made of sweets. It helps bring the story to life and is one that families can build together.

You can find the Hansel and Gretel puzzle, is just one of many that The Purple Cow offers and several for different age groups and learning levels. We love the different puzzles and think they’d be perfect for gifts or even stocking stuffers.

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